The brand ‘Shoeshine’ established in Emilia Romagna in 2008 came/started from an idea by its founder Marco Samorè who was one of the first people in Italy to review/transform classic/ordinary trousers using ‘plush’ an unusual fabric at that time.

Classic chinos became super soft and comfortable and sweatpants were characterised by typical five pocket trouser details: front pockets and front zip.

Its brand name ‘Shoeshine’ was inspired by the name used to identify the US Army in Italy during World War II which was rendered in Italian as “Sciuscia” referring to ‘young shoeshiners’.



Shoeshine suddenly boomed into a little ‘cult phenomenon’ thanks to word of mouth by its clients and retailers in Rimini and Riccione and within just two seasons Shoeshine sold about 10,000 items of clothing.

After a remarkable start the challenge was to structure the company by transforming it from a seasonal phenomenon into a real brand specialised in plush clothing.


Shoeshine found its identity using the softest and most comfortable fabric ‘plush’, offering streetwear clothing such as T-shirts and hoodies and dedicating a large space for sweatpants, introducing them/presenting them through a wide selection of classic styles made with a fabric that was certainly unconventional.

Throughout the seasons, the brand without losing focus has expanded its collections offering more items and use of fabrics including outerwear, knitwear and accessories such as bags and caps.

The Shoeshine collections have always had a young, sporty and unconventional appeal: ‘the streets’ are the inspiration but each item is made/designed and treated in an original way, never taken for granted and with a touch of Italian creativeness.


Today Shoeshine has a complete collection for men, women and children/kids. The aim/goal/target is to keep up to date with the latest fashion and current trends always keeping an original and personal creative touch/creativeness.

Every season Shoeshine introduces a sample collection made up of different micro-collections, focused on following the common theme through its fabrics, designs and patterns which are able to create a unique image, developed by the different items which complete the collection.


Shoeshine currently distributes to over 600 Italian stores with men, women and chiIdren’s /kids’s collections.

It is cross sectional and can be found in selected streetwearshops as well as high end contemporary boutiques which love to offer their customers casual and street collections.

Maintaining affordable and competitive prices for collections that are designed and created with a lot of love and attention to detail.

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